Six ski areas. 135 slopes. One ski pass.

A lot to choose from in Scandinavias biggest ski area.

Funäs alpine skier

Welcome up to the Funäsdal mountain!

Funäs Ski Lodge have a so called ski-in/ski-out location with the ski lift as Funäsdals mountain as the closest neighbor. 

Funäsdals mountain is the highest mountain in one of six ski areas in Funäs mountains. The area belongs to the most snow certain in Sweden and here we get about 5 meters (16ft 5in) of snow on a regular winter season.

The access to snow in combination with wide well prepared slopes with variations in drop have made Funäsdals mountain to a popular training- and competitionarea for both national and international alpine national teams.

The mountain also offer a hard to beat offpist - the constant fall of fresh snow gives a special feeling to skiing - for the one with leg muscles that can manage.

For the new skiier that is just in the beginning of their ski career there are also well developed child areas and well prepared easier slopes. No matter your experience or skill there is always something new to learn. We recommend our ski-school for every member in the family.

Funäsdalsberget med logo. Fotograf: Erik Jansson

Skiing in Funäsdalen

Welcome to Funäsdalen! Funäsdalen is an award-winning ski resort in the municipality of Härjedalen close to the Norwegian border. Funäsdalen is a mountanvillage with a lot of energy where you can find genuine restaurants, grocery stores, liquor stores, museums, sports stores and world class mountain experiences. Wtih Funäs Ski Lodge as your starting point you have everything in close proximity. Book your stay here.   Skidåkning i Funäsdalen Skiing in Funäsdalen Funäsdals mountain is a paradise for the one who enjoys long soft carving turns in a wide piste and challanges in double black slopes. Funäsdalen is a snow sure area, actually one of Swedens most snow sure areas and during a regular winter season Funäsdalen gets about 5 meters (approx. 16 ft) of snow each year. This means that most of the skiing is in continuous fresh snow that gives an unbeatable mildly addictive feeling. One of the absolute best pistes, Smebacken, where the Alpine skiing Europe cup for women have been arranged (amongst others), is a favourite among competitive skiers. Both national as well as international teams train alpine racing in Funäsdalen and during the year both bigger and smaller competitions are arranged here. Funäsdals mountain offer world class skiing and have a drop over 300 meter (984ft) - the highest one in all of Funäs mountains. For the one who enjoys a challenge, there are plenty of black slopes, offpist experiences, long lovely slopes and forrest skiing. Just make sure that you have plenty of muscles in your legs so that you will be able to stand up from the beginning to the end! In Funäsdalen you will find skiing for all kinds of skiers - skibums, offpisters, park-skiers, snowboarders, elite skiers, furcoated ladies, children and your oh so ordinary skiers. Funäs mountains have been called the Chamonix of Scandinavia, and that's not for nothing.   Activities in Funäsdalen Except for skiing you can find a lot of other activities in Funäsdalen. During summer, spring and fall you can enjoy fantastic scenery with mountain hiking, ride MTB in one of Swedens most complete mountainbike areas, go fishing in over 200 mountain lakes, play golf in some of Swedens most beautiful golfcourses and everything from canoeing to climbing and horsebackriding. In Funäsdalen there is something for everyone regardless of season. Where is the best accommodation in Funäsdalen? To make the most out of your stay, it's best to stay in close proximity to the Funäsdalen village at Funäs Ski Lodge. With the ski slopes on one side and fantastic views over Funäsdals lake and Rödfjället on the other, you will really enjoy the fact that a few pushes with the ski poles is all that it takes to get to the ski lift after closing the front door. To have the accommodation right beside the ski lift is an advantage for many reasons. You will save a lot of time and can go on easy breaks and rest for a while whenever you please. With 10 minutes of walking distance you find the village of Funäsdalen that offers all the necessary stores as well as cosy cafés and restaurants where you can relax and enjoy after an active day in the mountains. The village of funäsdalen offer cafés, restaurants, liqour stores, banks, post offices, well-stocked grocery stores and sports shops.  No matter if your group only consists of two people or multiple families and big groups of people we can offer a fantastic stay in Funäsdalen for your needs. Funäs Ski Lodge is an obvious choice for those who want to experience the best vacation in the Swedish mountains.  Se alla boenden

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