Six ski areas. 136 slopes.

Funäsdalen skidåkning

Activities year round

Funäsfjällen - aktiviteter året runt

Welcome to Funäs mountains!

Funäs mountains offer fantastic mountains and is one of Swedens most snow-sure areas. Skiing in natural snow gives a special skiing experience, both on and off piste. Scandinavias biggest ski-area gets approximately five meters (16 ft. 4 in.) of snow on an ordinary winter season and at Funäs Ski Lodge your only a push with the ski poles away from the adventures.

In Funäsmountains there's something for everyone

If you want real alpine skiing with the perfect conditions it is Funäs Mountains that you need to visit. Here we have 136 slopes and 34 ski lifts on the same skipass, which is the most skiing you get from a skipass in Sweden.

For the one that loves cross-country skiing we are happy to tell you that Funäs mountains also connects to Nordic Ski Center, this is one of the longest cross-country skiing tracks in the world. Here you will find over 300 km (approx. 186mi) of well-signposted piste tracks. On top of this you have 450 km (approx. 279mi) of cairned tracks and 450 km (approx. 279mi) of snowmobile tracks.

For those who get tired of skiing there are also snowmobile safari, heliskiing, helicopter tours, mountainpeak tours and dog sled tours.

If you visit Funäs mountains during bare ground season you will be in an insanely beautiful mountain nature regardless if you choose to experience it by bike, foot or canoe. Funäs mountains offer an amazing mountain nature and activities year round. 

Read more about all the activities here. 


Funäs mountains consists of six ski-areas

Funäs mountains include the ski areas Tänndalen, Ramundberget, FunäsdalsbergetTännäskröket, Bruksvallarna and Kappruet. But also the villages of Funäsdalen, Fjällnäs and Messlingen. Read more about each destination down below.

Book a modern stay in Funäs mountains

Live close to all of funäs mountains at Funäs Ski Lodge. Here you find high quality apartments with ski in ski out location and all the amenities you will need for a relaxing stay. We have apartments in four different sizes, from the 39 sqm studioapartments to the generous family apartments of 120sqm.

Funäsdalsberget med logo. Fotograf: Erik Jansson

Skiing in Funäsdalen

Welcome to Funäsdalen! Funäsdalen is an award-winning ski resort in the municipality of Härjedalen close to the Norwegian border. Funäsdalen is a mountanvillage with a lot of energy where you can find genuine restaurants, grocery stores, liquor stores, museums, sports stores and world class mountain experiences. Wtih Funäs Ski Lodge as your starting point you have everything in close proximity. Book your stay here.   Skidåkning i Funäsdalen Skiing in Funäsdalen Funäsdals mountain is a paradise for the one who enjoys long soft carving turns in a wide piste and challanges in double black slopes. Funäsdalen is a snow sure area, actually one of Swedens most snow sure areas and during a regular winter season Funäsdalen gets about 5 meters (approx. 16 ft) of snow each year. This means that most of the skiing is in continuous fresh snow that gives an unbeatable mildly addictive feeling. One of the absolute best pistes, Smebacken, where the Alpine skiing Europe cup for women have been arranged (amongst others), is a favourite among competitive skiers. Both national as well as international teams train alpine racing in Funäsdalen and during the year both bigger and smaller competitions are arranged here. Funäsdals mountain offer world class skiing and have a drop over 300 meter (984ft) - the highest one in all of Funäs mountains. For the one who enjoys a challenge, there are plenty of black slopes, offpist experiences, long lovely slopes and forrest skiing. Just make sure that you have plenty of muscles in your legs so that you will be able to stand up from the beginning to the end! In Funäsdalen you will find skiing for all kinds of skiers - skibums, offpisters, park-skiers, snowboarders, elite skiers, furcoated ladies, children and your oh so ordinary skiers. Funäs mountains have been called the Chamonix of Scandinavia, and that's not for nothing.   Activities in Funäsdalen Except for skiing you can find a lot of other activities in Funäsdalen. During summer, spring and fall you can enjoy fantastic scenery with mountain hiking, ride MTB in one of Swedens most complete mountainbike areas, go fishing in over 200 mountain lakes, play golf in some of Swedens most beautiful golfcourses and everything from canoeing to climbing and horsebackriding. In Funäsdalen there is something for everyone regardless of season. Where is the best accommodation in Funäsdalen? To make the most out of your stay, it's best to stay in close proximity to the Funäsdalen village at Funäs Ski Lodge. With the ski slopes on one side and fantastic views over Funäsdals lake and Rödfjället on the other, you will really enjoy the fact that a few pushes with the ski poles is all that it takes to get to the ski lift after closing the front door. To have the accommodation right beside the ski lift is an advantage for many reasons. You will save a lot of time and can go on easy breaks and rest for a while whenever you please. With 10 minutes of walking distance you find the village of Funäsdalen that offers all the necessary stores as well as cosy cafés and restaurants where you can relax and enjoy after an active day in the mountains. The village of funäsdalen offer cafés, restaurants, liqour stores, banks, post offices, well-stocked grocery stores and sports shops.  No matter if your group only consists of two people or multiple families and big groups of people we can offer a fantastic stay in Funäsdalen for your needs. Funäs Ski Lodge is an obvious choice for those who want to experience the best vacation in the Swedish mountains.  Se alla boenden

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Ramundberget. Från ramundberget.se


Welcome to Ramundberget Ramundberget is situated close to Funäsdalen, Approx. 15-20 minutes from Funäs Ski Lodge. Ramundberget is only offering the real deal, natural snow and varying skiing is Ramundbergets primary features, you find everything for happy amateurs as well as families and experienced off piste skiers.  Ramundberget is an exclusive resort for active people who's searching for that little extra. The natural snow gives a special kind of skiing experience that few skiing resorts in Europe can offer. Wide pistes for families, black slopes and amazing off piste gives the perfect mix to suit everyone. Enjoy childrens parks, skiing school, restaurants and after-ski. Book your modern living close to Ramundberget here. Skiing in Ramundberget In total there are 42 slopes in Ramundberget together with six ski lifts of which one is a four-seater lift. The longest slope is 1650 meters in total. The skiing in Ramundberget is an amazing experience regardless of what type of skiing you are looking for. There are pistes, unexplored mountain peaks, forrest skiing in deep snow in the well known area Osthang. You can also find free skiing areas, three skiing parks and 2 children areas. Cross country skiing in Ramundberget holds the highest quality and is suitable for both elite skiers as well as the newbie or family. Ramundberget is a part of the Nordic Ski tracks, that is one of the worlds largest connected skiing tracks for cross country skiing. If you're interested in taking a tour to a mountaintop there are fantastic opportunities at Ramundberget. You can easily rent a guide or explore the mountains on your own. Ramundberget has one of Swedens most beautiful off piste-areas, and more often than not covered in freshly fallen snow.   Other activities in Ramundberget Except for skiing there are a bunch of other exciting activities to explore in Ramundberget. You can find the most amazing hikes in all different directions and as much as 60 mountaintops that are over 1000 meters. In the area of Funäs mountains where Ramundberget is situated the mountains are known to be extra available. At many places you can find mountain parkingspots where it is allowed to drive and park a good amount of meters up a mountain before starting the hike. For the one that want to take on Ramundberget by bike, there are a lot of variation of challanges for all different kinds of experience. From the village it is easy to take the ski lift up the mountain and explore Ramundbergets bikepark. Here you'll find fantastic flowtrails and challanging tracks. Ramundberget is a part of Funäs mountains huge track system. Read more about cycling in Funäsfjällen here. A very popular thing to find in Ramundberget is the mountain spa that is situated right next to the ski slopes. This is a perfect spot to collect new energy and be taken care of after the skiing has made it's marks. You can also find perfect fishing conditions and a lot of opportunities to fish here, as well as beautiful golf tracks, exciting climbing, horsebackriding, canoeing, trailrunning and much more. Read about all the activities in Funäs mountains here.   Accommodation close to Ramundberget Live close to all of Ramundberget at Funäs Ski Lodge. Only 15 minutes from Ramundberget you'll find high quality apartments with all the amenities you'll need for a relaxing stay. We have apartments in four sizes ranging from the studio apartments at 39 sqm to the generous 120 sqm family apartments. Book your stay here.   Boka ditt boende nära Ramundberget nu  

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Tänndalen. Foto: Erik Jansson


Tänndalen - Accommodation in well equipped modern apartments When living at Funäs Ski Lodge close to Tänndalen, you can choose between 34 modern apartments with all the amenities that you need for a relaxing stay. Only 14 minutes from Tänndalen skiarea you live in apartments with well equipped kitchens, modern bathrooms and spacious common areas as well as good storage for your luggage. Many of our accommodations are also equipped with laundry machines and sauna. There are of course bigger common areas to hang out and be social. All of our accommodations are equipped with fast wi-fi. When you book your stay at Funäs Ski Lodge you will get your own skistorage, a spot at our common parking lot where you have engine heater sockets and access to our wax cottage and bike wash. The apartments are created with inspiration from the nature and architecture of the area.Boka ett modernt boende nära Tänndalen här   Tänndalen – Skiing at over 1000 m above sea level Approximately 20 minutes from Funäs Ski Lodge, almost straight out west, you find Tänndalen.  Tänndalen ski area is situated 800 meters above sea level and the high altitude offers a lot of varying skiing with grand mountain scenery over the tree limits, beautifully done pistes and challenging forrest skiing. In Tänndalen you will also find two snowparks and a free skiing area that is made for both beginners and experienced skiers. Tänndalen is a charachteristic Swedish village in the mountains complete with multiple restaurants, bars, grocery stores and sports shops. Common for all of the restaurants in Tänndalen is the high quality of food, locally produced commodities and inspiration from the traditional flavours from the mountain areas. There are a local grocery store here as well as warm cabins and lunch restaurants.   Skiing in Tänndalen Tänndalen really is for the real skier. On a regular season Tänndalen gets approx. five meters (16 ft) of fresh snow which makes Tänndalen intriguing for ski enthusiasts. In Tänndalen there are 60 mountains with peaks over 1000 m (3280ft) above sea level and huge opportunities for tourists to get mountain peak tours and skiing tours. There are a lot of ski lifts to offpiste areas and a big amount of mountaintops close by to explore during a day tour. Enjoy the nature on your own or rent a local guide to quickly find the best way. We recommend Guidebyrån in Tänndalen, they have a lot of experienced guides with good knowledge about all the best skiing spots! With grand nature, proper drops and challenging slopes Tänndalen offers one of Swedens most underestimated mountain peak tour paradises. In the skiarea of Tänndalen there are a total of 54 slopes and 17 ski lifts of which one is a four-seater lift. The longest slope is as long as 1600 meters (5249ft).  Tänndalen is suitable for children and is adjusted to the smallest detail to be child friendly. There are three beautiful areas for children with fun and easy slopes that suit the whole family. For the youngest of children there is a snow-club with child care, ski and snowplay. As a part of Funäsdalen you can buy a ski lift card that works for all six ski areas that all are in close proximity to Funäs Ski Lodge. Read more about Funäsdalen and the ski lift cards here.   Cross country skiing in Tänndalen If you love cross country skiing, this place is for you. The area has well over 300 km of well prepaired cross country skiing track and another 450 km of cairned tracks. Tänndalen connects to the Nordic Ski Center which is a huge system of world class cross country ski tracks that runs through valleys and high mountain terrain through all of Funäsdalen. The whole track system is well signposted to be easy to navigate and you will find both maps and cabins to take a break in every so often along the tracks.  Other activities in Tänndalen During summertime Tänndalen is a popular place for hiking, cycling, climbing, fishing and canoeing in one of the beautiful mountain lakes high above the treeline. The altitude and the powerful nature makes the area as magical during summertime as it is during the winter and there is a lot of adventures for the whole family to explore. See all activities in Funäsdalen here.  Mountainbike in Tänndalen The cycling in Tänndalen is well developed with both track cyckling and downhill with varying difficulty. What they all have in common is that the tracks fully or partially go along the high mountains over the treeline. The downhill tracks in Tänndalen have curves with flow and sweet inclination that is suitable for the whole bike-loving family to enjoy. There are also a modern technique area where you can develop your skills in taking curves, jumps and other technical traits. Read more about mountainbike in Funäsdalen here.   Mountain hiking in Tänndalen The nature in Tänndalen suits all hikers regardless of past experience and knowledge. There are many beautiful hiking tracks to choose from and vast expanses in every direction. The golden tours are excellent day hikes that ranges from an hour long to full day tour. These are chosen to give you easy access to the real mountain experience and is a mix of tours and round trips. Some are close to the village and others are a car or bikeride away. Explore waterfalls, stunning peaks, see a bit of Swedish cultural history and explore your own hidden spots. Read more about mountain hiking in Funäsdalen here.     Boka ditt boende här

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Tännäskröket. Foto: Erik Jansson

Vargbacken Kappruet. Foto från kappruet.se

The mountain city Röros

Norwegian Røros - On UNESCO:s world heritage list

Boende nära Röros - Funäs ski lodge i funäsdalen

Röros (Norge)

Explore the cosy mountain village Röros 45 minutes from Funäs Ski Lodge the Norwegian mountain village Röros is situated, adjacent to the municipality of Härjedalen. Röros is one of few mining cities in the world that is on UNESCOs list of cultural world heritage. The city itself is the biggest sightseeing with houses from 16th and 17th century. Röros is also one of Norways sustainability-marked destinations.   Activities in Röros Röros is a paradise for cross country skiers, the area offers more than a thousand kilometers of well prepaired tracks and stable snow conditions. Here you'll find world class cross country skiing for multiple levels with both easy and more demanding tracks. In the summer Röros offers hiking, cycling and fishing in astonishing nature. Explore the national parks Femundmarka, Forollhogna or Jutulhogget that is the biggest canyon in the northern part of europe.   Accommodation in Röros With accommodation at Funäs Ski Lodge you live only 45 minutes away from Norwegian Röros and you easily go there over the day by car. Röros airport is the closest airport to Funäsfjällen, there are regular flights here every day to and from Oslo. During winter season (February 3rd to April 24th) there are charter flights every week from Stockholm, the trip takes about 80 minutes and costs about 1995 swedish kronor for a round trip. For more information see www.exploreroros.com   Boka boende nära Röros  

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