In Funäs mountains there are activities year round

Hiking in Funäs mountains. Foto: Erik Jansson

Scandinavias biggest ski-area with 135 slopes.

Skiing - 135 slopes. Foto: Erik Jansson

Trail running with magical views of peaks and untouched expanses.

Running at Funäsdals mountain. Foto: Erik Jansson

Something to discover - all eight of the seasons

Funäs mountains have a wide range of things to see and do - year round. The Sami seasons are eight to the numbers and it is them and the nature that rule and create the opportunities. There are close to no limits on the activities in the area. Follow the inspiration, heart or fantasy. Here has the reward system in your phone become reality.

Skiing in Funäs

Skiing in funäs

Mountain hiking - Hike in Funäs mountains

Hike in Funäs mountains

Mountain hiking at it's best Imagine the highest mountains south of the arctic circle, with vast untouched expanses between the peaks. That is what Funäs mountains is like. Soft moorland, barren arctic environment, lush valleys and rippling mountain streams. De vast expanses, the light summer night, the silence, the calm and serenity. Clear air and solitude. You could get religious for less. The mountains in the west of Härjedalen municipality is either filled with intense greenery or fascinating barren. A lot of people who hike today choose to experience the mountains during day tours and combine the adventure with great food, drinks and a nice bed. But in Funäsdalen there are options for those who want to challenge themselves with longer walks, simpler bedding and cooking. At Funäs Ski Lodge you live in a modern setting in close proximity to all of Funäs mountains, a perfect base camp to enjoy a world class mountain hike.   30 golden tours - our chosen hikes in Funäs mountains The golden tours are carefully chosen routes in Funäs mountains, it is your guide to the real mountain experience with varying difficulty. The golden tours are our selected day tours who takes everything between an hour to a full day to carry out. It is a mix of tours and round tours, shorter trips with children or tougher challenges for the experienced hiker. You can be sure to experience mountain hiking with grand treats and views wether which golden tour you choose. Some hikes can be closer to the village, other a car or bikeride away and they always give a wonderful adventure. Explore waterfalls, unparalleled peaks, see a bit of cultural history and find your own hidden spots. You can find more information about the golden tours in swedish here.   10 FunHikes - playful hike tracks Our FunHikes can be found in and around Funäsdalen. The FunHikes are playful hike tracks where some are village tours, cultural paths or adventure tracks for children. Every FunHike is well displayed and thoroughly described in the hike guide.   60 mountain tops - challenging hikes 60 mountain tops is a guide for the one looking to explore Funäsdalens mountain tops. We have carefully picked out 60 peak tours that are over 1000 meters above sea level. They are all possible to reach on a day hike from the road in Funäs mountains. Some are single peak tours where only one peak is the target, others can be close to peaks in the same mountain chain, so a tip is to plan your hike well. Both summer and winter hikes count. The ascents are dated and a book is available for each peak, where you can see who has been up at each. All the peaks can be reached during a days hike, so feel free to choose for yourself which mountains you want to ascend. Here is some more information in Swedish about the 60 peaks.

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Cyklister och MTB på start för Fjällturen i Funäsfjällen

Cycling & MTB in Funäs mountains

Mountainbike has rarely been as popular as it is right now. In Funäsdalen you can find one of Swedens most beautiful and complete mountainbike area with 328 kilometers of bike tracks, 130 kilometers of mountainbike tracks and three downhill areas.  Mountainbike is a fast-paced adventure that suits both children and grown ups. We offer different kinds of difficulty levels from easier gravel roads to more technical trails that includes wading over streams. Experiencing the expanses of the mountains by bike is a perfect way to go. Book your stay for cycling here What type of cycling and MTB is there in Funäsdalen? There are huge areas and limitless possibilities to explore the mountains by bike in Funäs mountains. Ride your bike over alps and through valleys with wonderful mountain views and enjoy the calm of nature or let your adrenaline rush going down the ski slopes in the downhill areas. An adventure that takes both technique and courage. The trails are available in different difficulty levels to suit all types of experience, from the beginner to the expert. If you are more into cycling paths Funäs mountains offers Swedens biggest arena of paths and nature to explore seen to the number of tours and the geographical size of the area. Funäs mountains toursystem connects Ramund mountain, Funäsdals mountain, Tänndalen and Bruksvallarna with beautiful paths over alps and through beautiful valleys. MTB in Ramund mountain, Funäsdals mountain & Tänndalen The downhill areas are located in Funäsdals mountain, Tänndalen and in Ramund mountain, that also offer free-rider tracks and a dirt park. All areas offer a variation of tracks downhill and a combination of both flowtrails and technical singletracks.  In Tänndalen and in Ramund mountain you can also find new and modern technical areas to develop balance, taking curves and jumps. Rent bicycles and mountainbikes When you visit Funäs mountains to go mountain-biking it is possible to rent a bike or to bring your own. You can find bike rentals in any of the local sport stores in both Ramund mountain, Funäsdals mountain and Tänndalen. Transport of the bikes to your stay is possible to add to your booking and a helmet is included in the rent.  You can contact Henrik Svetsnoff at Funäsdalens Cykel och Fritid or TopSport i Ramundberget on this number +46(0)684-214 35 Guided tours by bike in the mountains Discover cycling in Funäs mountains by your own or together with a guide. With professional and experienced guides you get a hang of the areas nicest bike-tracks. Our bike-guides gladly share their knowledge and can help you develop your cycling. Book a guide through any of these local actors. Albin at Fjällnäs Explore Louise Östberg at 365 äventyr Jon Wagenius at Strapatser Henrik Svetsnoff at Funäsdalens Cykel och Fritid Book a stay that suits cycling With an accommodation that is central in Funäsdalen you can easily reach all the fantastic tracks in the area wether you want to go downhill, enduro or by road. Our apartments are accommodated for guests who visit Funäs mountains to explore by bike. The apartments are modern and bright and fully equipped so that you can enjoy your vacation. You find a big parking lot with engine heater outlet, your own storage, heater cabinets for wet clothes and bike wash to get off the worst dirt after a day on the mountain. Choose between 34 modern apartments in four sizes, from the 39 square meters studio apartments to the more generous 120 square meters family apartments. All apartments have well equipped kitchens, modern bathrooms and spacious common areas. We have also included good storage space for all the luggage and most of our accommodations are also equipped with laundry machine and sauna. Track-map cycling and MTB in Funäs mountains

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